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Company Profile

"Welcome to infoaid Document                 Display System"

Infoaid Document Display System was established in 2004. We are specialized in designing product for manual information handling system. We manufacture products & provide solution for filling and presentation of Document And for organizing work place.

"Our Vision"
Infoaid Document Display System committed to consistently meeting and exceeding our customers expectations through design and development of the most innovative and cost effective products.

"Our Network"
Infoaid Document Display System remain constantly in touch with our customers , through Dealers, Exhibitions and even Direct Marketing.As a manufacturing company we can also act on special requests. For your specific Document Display System requirements, please call us. Our Marketing Team would be more willing to visit you , and provide you with a cost effective Solution.

Document Display System Rotary Unit
Rotary Desk Unit
Rotary Tower

Rotary Desk Unit

Weighted non slip Stable base with 360˚ rotary Document Display panels allow easy access to wide range of information.

Infoaid Rotary unit is Designed with 360˚ Mounting unit.

A small handle on the top of the unit aids rotation of unit.

Simple assembly Require.

Available in A3, A4, A5 & any size of customer requirement

Rotary Tower

Infoaid Rotary tower unit is operated with 360˚ rotating display panels , ensure a smooth rotating motion.

Mounted on wheel for easy movement of unit from one place to another place.

Telescopic leg allow adjustment of height vertically.

Simple assembly required.

Available in A3, A4, A5 & any size of customer requirement