Rotating Document Display System

Document Display Rotary Desk Unit is Ideal for displaying lots of information that need to be frequently accessed. Rotary Display tower help to Display information which can be shared by multiple users at same time

Rotary Desk Unit enable finding reference information Easy and fast. Rotating Document Display are Ideal for hospitals, restaurants, industries, service Provider, travel agent,hotels,airports

Rotating Desktop Unit

Rotary Desk Unit

  • Weighted non slip Stable base with 360˚ rotary Document Display panels allow easy access to wide range of information.
  • Infoaid Rotary unit is Designed with 360˚ Mounting unit.
  • A small handle on the top of the unit aids rotation of unit.
  • Simple assembly required.
  • Available in A3 , A4 , A5, & any size of customer requirement.

Rotating Document Display Tower

Rotary Tower

  • Infoaid Rotary tower unit is operated with 360˚ rotating display panels , ensure a smooth rotating motion.
  • Mounted on wheel for easy movement of unit from one place to another place.
  • Telescopic leg allow adjustment of height vertically.
  • Simple assembly required.
  • Available in A3, A4, A5 & any size of customer requirement

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